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User Guide/Policy 


1) To become a member of the LIC, Please contact with the Library Manager (building- C, 2nd fl.) for a library card.
2) For current students of SEAMEO RETRAC, student cards can be used in lieu of a library card.
3) For others, a half yearly membership fee of VND 50,000/ 100,000 is required for students and others respectively.

Registration requires an identification card, a recommendation from an employer/ school /local authority and two 2x3 size photographs.

*Outsiders are not allowed to use the SALC materials.

Loan Rules

Loan entitlement
1) All SEAMEO RETRAC staff and teachers can borrow books at the open shelves in the LIC.
2) Students can borrow selected books only. Valid Library card and a deposit of VND 200,000 (refundable) are required while borrowing.
3) Users are not allowed to borrow books with others' member ID.
4) The borrower will be completely responsible for safe-keeping the borrowed materials and returning them on due date.
5) To borrow books, all members will have to sign and write LIC ID numbers on the Book Cards. (including SALC),
6) Reference books/ Journals/ Magazines (new) are for use in the Library only.
7) Any books may be recalled from loan at any time.

Loan Period

a) Two (2) books can be borrowed within fourteen (14) days and must be returned when due or recalled. Borrowers may make two (2) renewals for the maximum of seven days each time.
b) If books are not returned or renewed when the date is due, borrowers are responsible for :
i) Paying a fine of VND 1,000/day
ii) Not being allowed to borrow books within one (1) year if violating the rule for three (3) times.

Discipline related Rules

1) Smoking and gossiping are strongly prohibited including the LIC staffs.
2) Mobile phones should be off or be silent inside the LIC.
4) The LIC cards will be withdrawn for serious violations.
5) The LIC refuses to serve any users whose behavior or attitude is unfit in the LIC environment.
6) Belongings must be kept in lockers. LIC is not responsible for any damage or loss.

Lost or Damaged Books

a) Borrowers will be responsible for any damaged or mutilation found in the library books when returned. Therefore, they must check and report any damages found before borrowing.
b) Marking, cutting, tearing or making cross on borrowed books are prohibited.
c) In case of the books are damaged or lost, borrowers are responsible for: i) Buying the same book for LIC ii) Paying three (3) times of the original book price if the book is not available in the market.
Library Timings

Monday through Friday

1st shift : 08.00 to 12.00
2nd shift : 13.00 to 20.30


1st shift : 07.00 to 12.00
2nd shift : 13.30 to 19.00


1st shift : 07.00 to 12.00
2nd shift : 13.30 to 18.00

* LIC is closed on Public holidays

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